Halloween Witch Party - How to Create a Witch's House with Free Halloween printables

Almost time for another halloween season.  I really love halloween as I can go totally over the top and totally get away with it.

This year we decided on a Hansel and Gretel Witch party and a large amount of the house was used to create a Witch atmosphere.  We created a Witch's Kitchen and included lots of lotions, potions and a large stove.  This area kept all the children engaged for hours as they served each other severed fingers, brains and other ghastly morsels.  

We created a set of printable tents to label our lotions, potions and body parts.  We are offering this range as a free printable to help you create this look.

And yes, I was a very evil green Witch with my youngest children being Hansel and Gretel.

Enjoy  Julie 

Hansel and Gretel Witch Party

Our kitchen was created by attaching a large amount of crushed velvet to curtains with pegs to form a black background, we then added bookshelves and repurposed an old corner TV unit as an oven.

Halloween Witch Kitchen decorating ideas

We collected a lot of cut glass and crystal bottles to use for potions.  These were filled with coloured water and herbs.

Halloween Witch Kitchen decorating ideas

I found a range of skull bottles in a local discount store and used cauliflower for brains,

Halloween Cauliflower Brains

The stove was created using an old corner TV unit, cardboard boxes, lots of black paint and halloween ornaments. 

Halloween Witch Oven Decorating Ideas

Wine bottle crates were used to make small shelves around the stove.  We included spiders, zombie body parts and very small bottles with dyed water and small pickled onions with a clove stud.

Halloween how to decorate a Witch Kitchen

A large cauldron was filled with bones and an over sized wooden spoon.  I used a lot of battery tea lights under the red cellophane which glowed nicely at night.

Halloween Witch Oven

We used a lot of different colours in our potion bottles.

Halloween Witch Party Decorating Ideas

We did include a couple of scary Witch's scattered through the house.

Halloween Witch Party Hansel and Gretel Theme

Incorporate vingage elements to the theme, I found a vintage silver and glass casserole dish which was filled with eyeballs,

Halloween Witch Kitchen Hansel and Gretel

Halloween Witch Kitchen Hansel and Gretel

A Witch kitchen isn't complete without a variety of pumpkin and a spell book.

Halloween Witch Kitchen - Pumpkins

Halloween Witch Kitchen - Recipe Books

We did include other items in our Witch's kitchen such as my talking Crystal Ball Witch, a very odd bunny growing horns and some Tru Blood.

Halloween Witch Party decorating ideas

We created printable tents for this party including lot's of lotions, potions and body parts.  These are available as a free download.  For best results printed the cards on bond 200 card paper.

Halloween Witch Party - Free Printables

Vintage glass spice bottles were used to hold small items.

Halloween Witch Kitchen Decorating Ideas

We hope this post gives you lots of ideas to create a Witch Kitchen.

Happy Halloween