Hawaiian Luau Party

Hawaiian Luau Party with Desert Table and Games

This year was my daughters 9th Birthday so we decided it was time for a tropical theme and settled on a Hawaiian Luau Party.  Hawaiian Luau parties are a lot of fun, you can go slightly crazy with the theme because most items are very easy to source and not very expensive.  

The key elements of this party include a Dessert table, Palm Tree favour bags, Games including a scavenger Hunt, lots of decorating ideas and a custom range of printable products.

Enjoy Julie

Hawaiian Luau Dessert Table

Our Desert table was the focus of the party, a dessert table must be both appealing to the eye and totally delicious.  

Iced Cookies are a great way to brighten this table, for this party I used Dolphins, Flamingos and Palm trees.  I do all the decorating myself so I keep the icing simple but they still brighten up the table and we never have any left over.

Dolphin and Palm Tree Cookies

Dolphin and Flamingo Cookies

I just love these Pina Colada Cake Pops, they were easy to make and look great dressed with a hibiscus skirt and topped with a cocktail umbrella.  The cake pops sat in a stryfoam circle mould which I covered in a paper Tiki wrap and used shells and flowers to disguise the foam base.

We used fruit shaped candy and topped the candy jar with a small grass skirt.  Cup cakes are a must for a dessert table we used a simple butter icing and 2 inch circles from our printable range.

Hawaiian Luau Candy

Hawaiian Luau Cup Cakes

Fresh Fruit Skewers were placed in a watermelon basket carved to look like Waves, this looks very effective and the fruit is a great counter balance to the sugar.

Fruit Skewers in a Watermelon Wave basket

We used simple cup cakes with a butter icing.  The cup cakes were topped with printable circles from our Hawaiian Luau printable range.

You can find lots of good Pina Colada tutorials on line, these were very effective on the dessert table.

Pina Colada Cake Pops

Tropical Beach Birthday Cake

This was a fun cake to make, the elements are all simple.  I used plastic trees from my local cake decorating shop which is also where I found the edible flowers.  The ocean is edible jel also from my local cake decorating shop, the towels were made from strips of coloured icing and I used liquorice for shark fins.

The luau Party sing is paper and a part of our printable range..  

Luau Party Decorating Ideas

The Dessert Table was created using a number of easy to find elements.  We used cardboard Tiki Poles to frame our table and used a wonderful window image as a central focus.  We then added a long table skirt to the dessert table and a shorter table skirt was used to frame the window.  Fresh Singapore orchids were used on the table as was our printable range of products.

Hawaiian Luau Dessert Table Ideas

We used helium balloons in bright colours and hung tiki lights to brighten the ceiling.  This is a great way to add a lot of colour in a simple way.

We used plastic images to add a lot of colour and fun - the children loved the bathroom image.

Hawaiian Luau Party Decorating Ideas

We decorated the tables with some colourful Tiki's and tropical birds.

Hawaiian Luau Decorating ideas

Paper Pineapples, Singapore Orchids and grass skirts are all easy ways to brighten you rhome and add to the theme.

Hawaiian Luau Decorating Ideas

Palm Tree Favour Bags

Why use store bought plastic bags when you can create a personalised favour bag in the party theme.  These were simple to make, but did take quite a few hours to complete the set.  We added party Thank You Cards from our printable range.

A tutorial will shortly be posted on our blog.

Hawaiian Luau Party Favour Bags

Hawaiian Luau Party Favour Bags

Hawaiian Luau Party Favour Bags

Hawaiian Luau Party Games

We played lots of Theme Based Games at this party including:

  • Limbo
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Hawaiian Dancing

The object of Limbo is to pass under the bar leaning backwards without knocking the bar from the poles. If you knock the bar from its position you are out.  Continue to lower the bar until you have a winner. 

Limbo Game

Limbo Printable Sign

A scavenger hunt is always a hit at my parties, I've created a set of printable cards and a printable wallet. The Cards are hidden throughout the house and garden and the children race to find all the pieces.  Don't make this too easy as the children love a challenge. 

Hawaiian Luau Scavenger Hunt - www.chicpartyideas.com

Hawaiian Luau Scavenger Hunt Game

Hawaiian Luau Scavenger Hunt Game

Traditional Hawaiian Dancing is a lot of fun, make sure you have enough grass shirts, Lays and hair clips and a good sound track.

Hawaiian Lays and Hair Clips

Hawaiian Skirts

The Birthday Girl - Practicing a Swim dance

Chloe's 9th Hawaiian Luau party

Our Printable Range

We have created a number of items to compliment this party.  Most of the range has been included in the photos above, but we have also produced a customised invitation and banner.  These items will soon be available in our shop.;

Hawaiian Party Invitation 

Hawaiian Luau Printable Bottle label

Hawaiian Luau Printable Tent

Our Printable Range will soon be available from out on-line shop.  The range Includes:

  • Tents
  • Thank You Notes
  • Bottle Labels
  • Long Wraps
  • 2 inch Circles
  • Happy Birthday Banner
  • Scavenger Hunt Game
  • Game Signs
  • Tiki borker
  • Luau Party Cake sign

Hawaiian Luau Printable Happy Birthday Banner

Additional Notes:

Many elements in this theme easily move to a pool or beach party, this theme is also great for an Adult parties.  Store all your props in plastic containers for future use.