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Welcome to Chic Party Ideas, recently launched in 2013 Chic Party ideas is full of inspirational ideas for your next celebration.  

From my experience a great party, a really great party is one that nicely ties all the party elements together into a cohesive arrangement.  Your table setting and styling can be as important as your menu, and it all has to work well together. I have found my most memorable parties are when I have gone quite over the top in styling, as adults we rarely get to indulge in the outlandish and I find people really respond to a night that is completely different and unexpected.

I find the same goes for Children's theme parties, when I first started with Children's parties I would spend hours going over menu's and at the last minute find some items for styling.  II'm now completely the opposite and can spend weeks sourcing and creating items for styling but using a repeated menu that is simple to prepare and works.

I have recently started to create my own printable range to complement my styling and these are available from our on line store.

My planned parties to post in 2014 include a Vintage Circus party, Owl Party, Vintage High Tea, Rabbit party, Medieval dinner (game of throne's style), a gothic dinner party and Halloween among others.

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Julie Noorman

Julie Noorman - Chic Party Ideas

Julie Noorman is the Founder and Creative Director of Chic Party Ideas.  Over many years Julie has styled some truly amazing parties for family and friends and is now realising a dream to extend her creativity and share ideas with everyone who love's to celebrate life's special occasions.