Dessert Table

Asylum Halloween Party with Asylum Dessert Table

I’ve been wanting to host a Halloween Asylum party for a number of years, it is a dark theme and heavily features the morgue , electric chair and various collections from a slightly crazy psychiatric doctor, nurses and patients. We included an Asylum Dessert Table and free asylum printables.


Halloween Asylum Party

Key features are our morgue and electric chair, we fashioned our morgue from an existing cupboard, we created foil covered sliding racks for the bodies and black velvet so only the feet were visible, as a final touch toe tags were attached. Our electric chair worked really well with sounds and flash strobe lighting, a tutorial for the electric chair can be viewed here.

Halloween Morgue

Halloween Electric Chair

Our morgue included a large assortment of bottled organs in both vintage and modern display jars.

Halloween Morgue

Our asylum had stone walls, skeletons still chained in their chairs and an old asylum kitchen complete with vintage bedpans.

Halloween Asylum Decorating ideas

Halloween Asylum Decorating Ideas

Our asylum was also plenty full of patients, all chained in place.

Halloween Asylum Decorating Ideas

Our Asylum Kitchen included two blood spattered children making mince meat from various body party and organs. And our Admissions Nurse “Nurse Betty” was an imposing feature at the door.

Asylum Halloween Decorating Ideas

Asylum Halloween Nurse

We used a set of skulls to display the various levels or mental impairment from Lunatics to imbeciles.

Halloween Asylum Skull Display

We used a lot of furs and dark fabrics to transform our house into an asylum

Asylum Party Ideas

We created an office for our mad doctor with a vintage desk, chair and lots of old bottles and books, I printed some old photos of asylums to decorate the desk

Halloween Asylum Party

Halloween Asylum Party

We created the Asylum Dessert table to look like an old Asylum kitchen with a lot of old vintage kitchen pieces, including crystal and leather bottles and a vintage bed pan right under the table.

Asylum Dessert table

Asylum Cake Pops

Asylum Halloween Cake Pops

Our Dessert table included Lunatic Cake pops, Mortuary Saw Cookies, cup cakes feating abandoned Asylums and Candy Corn jelly.

Asylum Dessert Table

We made layered candy corn jelly topped with whipped cream and Mortuary Saw Cookies, dripping with blood.

Candy Corn Jelly Cups

Halloween Asylum Cookies - Mortuary Saw

The Cake Pops are Mad Doctors, we fashioned them all capes using a small and large foil patty pan papers, the cup cakes were simple but topped with details of old abandoned and condemned asylums. The circles are available as part of our free printable download.

Asylum Cake Pops

Asylum Cup Cakes

A punch of blue eyeballs rounded out dessert table.

Halloween Eyeball Punch

For the adults we created a selection of urine specimen cocktails, these were a mix of different clear spirits made with orange juice and different amounts of raspberry cordial to cause colour variation in the samples.

Urine Specimen Cocktails

Light refreshments were served on our mortuary table and displayed with mortuary tools and champagne glasses with our Asylum Wine Glass Circles.

Halloween Asylum Party

Halloween Asylum Party

Halloween Asylum Free Printables

Halloween Asylum Free Printables

Halloween Asylum Party

This was a fun party to create but did take time collecting the many small bits and pieces.

We hope you enjoy Julie

Flamingo Party with Dessert Table

How can you resit the urge to create a Flamingo Party!. Flamingo parties allow you to explode with colour and creativity, for this party we have created a Flamingo Dessert Table, a super cute Flamingo Birthday cake, Flamingo Party Favours and more.

We hope you enjoy, Julie

Flamingo Party Dessert Table

Our Dessert table included cup cakes, cookies, fruit skewers topped with watermelon flamingos and jelly cups.

Flamingo Party Dessert Table

We included cute flamingo cookies in two shades of pink and some palm trees cookies adding to the summer theme.

Flamingo Cookies

The fruit skewers had a base of green grapes and strawberries, they were finished with a watermelon flamingo pressed using a cookie cutter. We included simple cupcakes in pinks and blues and topped with flamingo toppers.

Flamingo fruit skewers

Flamingo cup cakes

Jelly cups were created in layered shades of red, we then placed two flamingo plastic skewers in each and topped with an umbrella.

Flamingo Jelly cups

Flamingo Birthday Cake

I really loved creating this cake, I found flamingo candles, perfect for a flamingo party and created a lake in a cake with blue gel, we used edible chocolate rocks to frame the lake and included some palm trees.

Flamingo Birthday Cake

Flamingo Party Decorating Ideas

We managed to repurpose some of our Hawaiian decorations for this theme while adding flamingos, flamingos were easy to find in both party and craft stores.

Flamingo Party Decorating Ideas

We kept the table bright and colourful using pinks and blues an lots of flowers

Flamingo Party table ideas

Helium balloons in brights colours graced the ceiling completing the theme

Flamingo Party decorating ideas

Bright blues and pinks worked well for this party

Flamingo party use pinks and blues to create the look

We created a photo booth using long tikis and scene setter beach view images. A flamingo foil balloon looked really special.

Flamingo Party Photo Booth

Flamingo Foil Balloon

Photo booth props included monkeys, flamingos and lots of beach style card cut outs.

Flamingo Party photo booth props

Flamingo Party Favours

We created two favours for this party, the first was small glass jars filled with different pink candies, the other was a flamingo gift pack with a flamingo pen, pink feathers and other gifts.

Flamingo Party Favours

Card flamingo circles and tags completed the look for our flamingo party favours.

Flamingo Party Favours - Pink Candy

Flamingo Party Favours Gift Box

This was a great theme and lots of fun was had by all, including the birthday girl.

Olivia’s Flamingo Party

Olivia’s Flamingo Party

Mexican Party with Dessert Table and Games

A Mexican Fiesta party is so colourful and fun, it allows you to explode with a bright vibrant colour palate. For this party we have a Mexican dessert table, Mexican Decorating ideas, Mexican Fiesta birthday Cake, Mexican favours, Mexican games and a set of free printables so you can create this party at home.

We hope you enjoy.


Mexican Party ideas Dessert Table

We made three types of decorated sugar cookies for this party including guitars, maracas and Chili peppers, the cookie cutters were all found in on-line cake decorating stores.

Mexican Party Cookies

Mexican Party Cookies

The stars of the dessert table were a pair of Mexican Bull Pinatas. They graced either side of a Mexican Fiesta Birthday cake.

Mexican Party Dessert table

I always try and include fruit in my dessert tables and find fruit skewers allow you to be creative while serving a healthy treat, that said it is a dessert table so we included a set of harlequin margarita glasses from pottery barn filled with assorted bright coloured candy.

Mexican Party Fruit Skewers

Mexican party Decorating Ideas

We found a cute Chili table cloth for the dessert table and decorated beverage bottles with Mexican hats and printed labels available as a free download.

Mexican Party Dessert table

Mexican Party Free Printables

Tall displays of balloons are a must at parties, I’ve included bright Mexican bull and Fiesta balloons

Mexican Party Decorating Ideas

Mexican Party Balloons

The ceiling was covered with helium balloons and fiesta bunting, we used colourful pink and blue glasses, maracas and Mexican party decorations.

Mexican Party Decorating ideas

Mexican Party Decorating ideas

Mexican Party Birthday Cake

The birthday cake depicted a Mexican fiesta with hanging flags, a pinata, cactus and balloons, while I have broken some rules by including non-edible components the cake was easy to assemble and enjoyed by the children.

Mexican Party Birthday Cake

Mexican Party Favours

This party included two party favours. We included a living succulent favour in a really decorative pot with a thank you card and a small jar of layered candy treats with a Mexican hat topper.

Mexican Party Favours - Succulents and Candy

We painted “Fiesta” in bright colours on the candy jars, the thank you notes are available as a free download.

Mexican Party Favours

Mexican Party Favours

Mexican Party Games

We had a number of games and activities at this party including a photo booth, scavenger hunt, Guess the Jars, Pinata, pass the parcel, Mexican hat Dancing and more. The photo booth was a real hit and it was so easy to create. We used a lot of crepe streamers and attached them to the wall to create a bright stripped backdrop, we then attached a colourful boarder.

Mexican Party Photo Booth

A Pinata, filled with treats provided a real challenge.

Mexican Party Chloes Pinata

We created scavenger hunt for this party that is available as a free download. Each child had to find 8 unique Mexican themed cards as part of the hunt, these cards we carefully placed both inside and outside and provided lots of fun for the children. A prize was offered for the first one to find the cards.

Mexican Party Scavenger Hunt

We also played some traditional party games including, guess the number of items in the jar and Pass the Parcel

Mexican Party Games

Mexican Party Games

This was a great party and a really good choice of theme that allows you to be creative using simple bursts of colour from streamers and balloons.

Chloe’s Mexican Party

Mexican Party Free Printables

This party includes free printables so you can create this look at home, Our downloads come in 2 files (Part 1) and (Part 2). The set includes:

  • Bottle labels in 4 designs

  • 2 inch circles in various design

  • Game signs, including blanks

  • Dessert table tents, including blanks

  • Mini bunting for the cake

  • Scavenger Hunt Game Cards

The Addams Family Halloween Party

I’ve been wanting to host an Addams Family Party for Halloween for a long long time and this year managed to make it a reality. This was a large party with lots of decorating, a dessert table and cocktails for the adults. We based this party around the original TV series from 1960’s with references to many of the characters in the show. A set of printables have been created as a free download.

We hope you enjoy. Julie.

The Addams Party Ideas, Gomez’s Train Set and “Thing”

Grandmama’s panty was a joy to create, I collected a lot of eclectic old leather clad bottles, vintage books, skulls and more to create a spooky pantry for grandmama.

The Addams Family Party Ideas Grandmama’s Pantry

We used stone wall wrap and a lot of panne velvet and faux fur to transform the room. It also helps if you have access to a real deer head.

The Addams Family Decorating Ideas, Use Stone and Velvet to transform a room

Panne velvet transformed our curtains and cow hides were used on the floor. We used old leather wingback chairs with tapestry cushions to create an older style room.

The Addams Family Decorating Ideas, Use vintage furniture and cow hides to transform your room.

I had to incorporate Gomez’s train set into this party. I used two working train sets which ran in opposite directions all night and one derailed set, the TNT box completed the train set. I opted for a dark purple table cloth which worked well against all of the black decorations.

The Addams Family, Gomez’s Train Set and “Thing”

I included a small nook with grandmama, two visiting skeletons dressed for the roaring ‘20s and the Addams family graveyard.

Grandmama’s Addams corner

The Addams Family Party - Two skeletons for Halloween

The Addams Family Grave Yard

A vintage peacock chair is a must for Morticia as is Cousin IT. We used a couple of “Thing’s” in the party they were purchased on line as hand mannequins.

Morticia Addams with Cousin It & Thing

Wednesday and Pugsley Addams

Morticia was often featured in her conservatory feeding her beloved Cleopatra, I made Cleopatra with paper mache and glued dissected monster teeth into place, I then placed a collection of severed fingers at the base of the pot. The conservatory had a mix of strange looking cacti and succulents, including a swarm of bats

The Addams Family Morticias Conservatory

The Addams Family Cleopatra

As our guests arrived they were treated to our vintage chairs reserved for moon tanning,

The Addams Family Moon Tanning in the Garden

Morticia loved to use baking powder to give her that all over white glow, we created a small dressing table for Morticia featuring Baking Powder.

The Addams Family Morticia Addams Dressing Table

Our dessert table included “Eye of Newt” and “Cleopatra” cake pops, “Aristotle” Cup Cakes and sugar cookies with poison bottles and tarantulas.

The Addams Family Dessert Table

While Cake Pops can take time to make they are always well received. For the Addams family I settled on creating some green man eating plants to represent “Cleopatra” and some blue “Eye of Newts”. The cake pop border can be downloaded as a free printable, you will require a few prints of the boarder to cover your holder.

The Addams Family Cake Pops, Cleopatra the man eating plant and Eye of Newt.

The Cleopatra Cake pops were made by making a wedge slice for a mouth, We used black candy melts for the interior of the mouth and white nerds “popping candy” for teeth, purple lips and pipe cleaner leaves completed the look. For the Eye of Newt I used baking store eyes and created twisted blue eyelashes created with candy melts, the eyes were completed using mini baking cup papers under the eye.

The Addams Family Cake Pops - Cleopatra

The Addams Family Cake Pops - Eye of Newt

We based our cup cakes on Pugsley’s octopus, “Aristotle”. The tentacles were made 2 days in advance to allow the shape to set, remember to place a toothpick in the base of the tentacle when it is still soft..

The Addams Family Cup Cakes - Aristotle

We made two types of cookies for the party with small bottles of poison and tarantulas.

The Addams Family Poison Bottle sugar cookies

The Addams Family Tarantula sugar cookies

Layered Lurch’s jelly cups were created for the party with cake toppers from our printable range

The Addams Family Party Lurch’s Jelly

Two green punches adorned our table, one for the adults and one for the kids.

The Addams Family Adult Punch

The Addams Family Childrens Punch

Simple blue martini’s were made for the adults, the glasses were topped with black sugar.

The Addams Family Party - Morticia Matrini

Gomez was rarely seen without a cigar in hand so we included some chocolate covered wafers in one of my favourite serving bowls and you can find some original photos on line which look grate in frames for your party.

The Addams Family, Gomez’s Cigars

The Addams Family, Use old images as Photos

We created a range of free printables for this party including various tent cards, mini bunting, room signs, cake pop boarders and oval images that we used to make this party come to life. Please use these links for full downloads.

The Addams Family Free Printables -

The Addams Family, Morticia, Wednesday and Ophelia

This party was a lot of fun to both create and host. You can collect a lot of quirky pieces from thrift shops and markets to help create this look.

We look forward to your comments.

Enjoy Julie

Swimming Pool Party Ideas With Dessert Table

In the summer months we always find it hard to extract the children from the pool, so a pool party is always an enjoyable option.  For this party we created a carved shark watermelon, beach ball cake pops, mini pavlova swimming pools and a pool styled birthday cake.  

For a different type of favour bag, we created small pools from plastic storage containers, filled them with goodies and topped them with a swimmer and umbrellas.  A range of printable items were created and are free to download.

A great day overall, a pool party is a must over summer.

Pool Party Dessert Table

Mini Pavlova Pools and beach ball cake pops graced the dessert table.  Mini Pavlovas have to be one of the easiest items to make, we used store bought pavlova shells then filled them with whipped cream with a touch of blue food colouring.  We decorated cake pops with simple edible glitter and topped with a silver ball.  The cake pops were placed in a styrofoam holder covered with blue celephane and a printable boarder.

Mini pavlova pools

Beach Ball Cake Pops

Fresh fruit is always great for a party and we loved this carved shark with a mouth full of fresh fruit skewers and an old barbie doll with some red syrup on the legs for good measure.  The eyes were also simple with olives and tooth picks.

Shark watermelon carving

Cup cakes are a must have and are always devoured, we includes some life savers in the spirit of a pool party and some blue jelly cups.

Pool Party jelly Cups and Life Savers

Pool Party Cup Cakes

Pool Party Birthday Cake

Our birthday cake was also pool inspired and was simple to make with a garden of crushed chocolate ripple biscuits and coloured gel for the pool.  These were topped with some pool sun lounges made from royal icing, palm trees, umbrellas and flowers.

Swimming Pool Birthday Cake

Pool Party Decorating Ideas

As this party was mostly outdoors we tried to refrain on the indoors,  just a nice water image table cloth and lots of balloons.

Pool Party Table ideas

Pool Party signs

Pool Party Favours DIY

I like to get creative with party favour's and this one was quite simple but very effective.  We purchased small blue plastic containers that were filled with goodies and covered with blue cellephane.  We added a thank you card, a swimmer and a couple of umbrellas,  The thank you cards and swimmers are available as a free down load.

Pool Party Games

Most of our games revolved around novelty pool races including races while sitting in rings or on kick boards.  We did have a number of team relays and you can download our team selection cards here.  These were laminated and used to create teams .  We included one treasure hunt using water proof items and making it slightly harder by naming some of the pieces.  

Pool Party team selection cards

Pool Party treasure hunt game

Free Pool Party Printables

Pool Party Free Printable products

We have created a range of printable products for this party that are available as a free download.  We had a lot of fun at our pool party and it is a very easy option for summer birthdays

Enjoy Julie

Halloween Dessert Table - Vampire Party

What more could a young and young at heart Vampire want from halloween than a halloween Vampire Party with a Vampire dessert table laden with Dracula Cake Pops, Castle Cup Cakes, Blood Jelly and Coffin and Bat Vanilla cookies.  

We trust you will enjoy our Halloween Vampire Dessert Table.

Halloween Vampire Dessert Table

This dessert table was a lot of fun to create and quite simple.  The backdrop for the dessert table was a large wall of flying bats, this was achieved with a lot of card bats that we found on-line.  We used a lot of black and red elements on the table  

Halloween Vampire Dessert Table

Vampire Cake Pops and Cookies

I positioned the bats to look like they had just left their roost for the night, soaring across the night sky in search of victims.  The moon worked well as a centrepiece. 

Halloween Coffin Cookies

Halloween Bay Cookies - Vampire Party

Coffin Vanilla Cookies and Bat Vanilla Cookies worked well for a vampire theme.  They were simply decorated in red or black icing with small silver and gold cachous to add definition and sparkle.

Dracula Cake Pops - Vampire Party

Vampire Cake Pops - Vampire Party

We made Dracula cake pops for the party and used a combination of large and small cake papers to make capes.  The cake pops were placed in styrofoam that was covered with small bones and bats and wrapped in a castle printable from our Vampire Dessert table package.

Halloween Vampire Party - Blood Jelly

We served Blood Jelly in LED cups with the colour set to red, these looked really effective in a dark room.

Castle Cup Cakes - Halloween Vampire Party

Halloween Dessert Table with Bats - Vampire Party

We decorated the cupcakes as Dracula's Castle.  We used a slice of Licorice Allsort for the front wall that was trimmed at the top to create a parapet.  The wall was then edged by two licorices pieces and topped with two large cachous balls to create castle towers.  These are easy to make but you will require icing to hold the elements together.  They looked great on the cup cakes.

Halloween Vampire Castle Cup Cakes

The castle cup cakes were topped with a cup cake topper from our printable range.  We also created a blood donation room game for this party, this was a great game that kept the children occupied all evening.

Halloween Vampire party dessert table printable set

This was a fun party and the vampire theme led to lots of great costumes.  We have created a small number of printable products for this party, they are available in our shop.

We hope you have enjoyed our photos

Enjoy  Julie