Asylum Halloween Party with Asylum Dessert Table

I’ve been wanting to host a Halloween Asylum party for a number of years, it is a dark theme and heavily features the morgue , electric chair and various collections from a slightly crazy psychiatric doctor, nurses and patients. We included an Asylum Dessert Table and free asylum printables.


Halloween Asylum Party

Key features are our morgue and electric chair, we fashioned our morgue from an existing cupboard, we created foil covered sliding racks for the bodies and black velvet so only the feet were visible, as a final touch toe tags were attached. Our electric chair worked really well with sounds and flash strobe lighting, a tutorial for the electric chair can be viewed here.

Halloween Morgue

Halloween Electric Chair

Our morgue included a large assortment of bottled organs in both vintage and modern display jars.

Halloween Morgue

Our asylum had stone walls, skeletons still chained in their chairs and an old asylum kitchen complete with vintage bedpans.

Halloween Asylum Decorating ideas

Halloween Asylum Decorating Ideas

Our asylum was also plenty full of patients, all chained in place.

Halloween Asylum Decorating Ideas

Our Asylum Kitchen included two blood spattered children making mince meat from various body party and organs. And our Admissions Nurse “Nurse Betty” was an imposing feature at the door.

Asylum Halloween Decorating Ideas

Asylum Halloween Nurse

We used a set of skulls to display the various levels or mental impairment from Lunatics to imbeciles.

Halloween Asylum Skull Display

We used a lot of furs and dark fabrics to transform our house into an asylum

Asylum Party Ideas

We created an office for our mad doctor with a vintage desk, chair and lots of old bottles and books, I printed some old photos of asylums to decorate the desk

Halloween Asylum Party

Halloween Asylum Party

We created the Asylum Dessert table to look like an old Asylum kitchen with a lot of old vintage kitchen pieces, including crystal and leather bottles and a vintage bed pan right under the table.

Asylum Dessert table

Asylum Cake Pops

Asylum Halloween Cake Pops

Our Dessert table included Lunatic Cake pops, Mortuary Saw Cookies, cup cakes feating abandoned Asylums and Candy Corn jelly.

Asylum Dessert Table

We made layered candy corn jelly topped with whipped cream and Mortuary Saw Cookies, dripping with blood.

Candy Corn Jelly Cups

Halloween Asylum Cookies - Mortuary Saw

The Cake Pops are Mad Doctors, we fashioned them all capes using a small and large foil patty pan papers, the cup cakes were simple but topped with details of old abandoned and condemned asylums. The circles are available as part of our free printable download.

Asylum Cake Pops

Asylum Cup Cakes

A punch of blue eyeballs rounded out dessert table.

Halloween Eyeball Punch

For the adults we created a selection of urine specimen cocktails, these were a mix of different clear spirits made with orange juice and different amounts of raspberry cordial to cause colour variation in the samples.

Urine Specimen Cocktails

Light refreshments were served on our mortuary table and displayed with mortuary tools and champagne glasses with our Asylum Wine Glass Circles.

Halloween Asylum Party

Halloween Asylum Party

Halloween Asylum Free Printables

Halloween Asylum Free Printables

Halloween Asylum Party

This was a fun party to create but did take time collecting the many small bits and pieces.

We hope you enjoy Julie