Complete Package - Christmas Printables

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IMG_1987 - Version 2.JPG

Complete Package - Christmas Printables


The Complete Package includes the following items:

  • Blank Christmas tent cards 
  • Thank You Cards 
  • Gift tags 
  • Napkin rings or wrappers 
  • Party circles
  • Christmas Cracker wraps
  • Gift Paper

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The Complete Package includes the following items:

  • Blank Christmas tent cards (approximately 9cm x 9cm)- 4 designs
  • Thank You Cards (approximately 7.5cm x 13.5 cm) - 2 designs
  • Gift tags (large 6cm x 6cm) (small 5cm x 5cm) - 3 large designs, 2 small designs
  • Napkin rings or wrappers ( 5cm x 15cm) - 2 designs
  • Party circles (works with a 2 inch punch) - 3 designs
  • Christmas Cracker wraps (29cm x 16cm) - 4 designs
  • Gift Paper (approximately 20cm x 29cm) - 1 design

Recommended Print options

All items in this package are configured for A4 paper. For best results the following items should be printed on card stock:

  • Christmas tent cards
  • Thank You cards
  • Gift Tags
  • Party Circles

Product Description:

When you purchase this product, and payment has been confirmed you will receive a link to download a digital file, depending on the file size you will be downloading a PDF, JPG or a ZIP file containing PDF or JPG files.  The file(s) are licensed for your personnel use only and can't be transferred or sold to any other person or used in a commercial arrangement.

Given the different nature of computer screens and printers you may notice a slight colour variant to that displayed in our photos.  Chic Party Ideas is not responsible for any colour variation you experience.

While you can print these products at home, for best results I'd recommend a printing company.  Many of our products work best printed on card, when card is indicated as the recommended print option I've used bond 200 gsm.

The majority of our products are as easy as print, cut and use.  If you purchase a product that requires more steps, the instructions will be included within the PDF file.

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