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The Addams Family Halloween Party

I’ve been wanting to host an Addams Family Party for Halloween for a long long time and this year managed to make it a reality. This was a large party with lots of decorating, a dessert table and cocktails for the adults. We based this party around the original TV series from 1960’s with references to many of the characters in the show. A set of printables have been created as a free download.

We hope you enjoy. Julie.

The Addams Party Ideas, Gomez’s Train Set and “Thing”

Grandmama’s panty was a joy to create, I collected a lot of eclectic old leather clad bottles, vintage books, skulls and more to create a spooky pantry for grandmama.

The Addams Family Party Ideas Grandmama’s Pantry

We used stone wall wrap and a lot of panne velvet and faux fur to transform the room. It also helps if you have access to a real deer head.

The Addams Family Decorating Ideas, Use Stone and Velvet to transform a room

Panne velvet transformed our curtains and cow hides were used on the floor. We used old leather wingback chairs with tapestry cushions to create an older style room.

The Addams Family Decorating Ideas, Use vintage furniture and cow hides to transform your room.

I had to incorporate Gomez’s train set into this party. I used two working train sets which ran in opposite directions all night and one derailed set, the TNT box completed the train set. I opted for a dark purple table cloth which worked well against all of the black decorations.

The Addams Family, Gomez’s Train Set and “Thing”

I included a small nook with grandmama, two visiting skeletons dressed for the roaring ‘20s and the Addams family graveyard.

Grandmama’s Addams corner

The Addams Family Party - Two skeletons for Halloween

The Addams Family Grave Yard

A vintage peacock chair is a must for Morticia as is Cousin IT. We used a couple of “Thing’s” in the party they were purchased on line as hand mannequins.

Morticia Addams with Cousin It & Thing

Wednesday and Pugsley Addams

Morticia was often featured in her conservatory feeding her beloved Cleopatra, I made Cleopatra with paper mache and glued dissected monster teeth into place, I then placed a collection of severed fingers at the base of the pot. The conservatory had a mix of strange looking cacti and succulents, including a swarm of bats

The Addams Family Morticias Conservatory

The Addams Family Cleopatra

As our guests arrived they were treated to our vintage chairs reserved for moon tanning,

The Addams Family Moon Tanning in the Garden

Morticia loved to use baking powder to give her that all over white glow, we created a small dressing table for Morticia featuring Baking Powder.

The Addams Family Morticia Addams Dressing Table

Our dessert table included “Eye of Newt” and “Cleopatra” cake pops, “Aristotle” Cup Cakes and sugar cookies with poison bottles and tarantulas.

The Addams Family Dessert Table

While Cake Pops can take time to make they are always well received. For the Addams family I settled on creating some green man eating plants to represent “Cleopatra” and some blue “Eye of Newts”. The cake pop border can be downloaded as a free printable, you will require a few prints of the boarder to cover your holder.

The Addams Family Cake Pops, Cleopatra the man eating plant and Eye of Newt.

The Cleopatra Cake pops were made by making a wedge slice for a mouth, We used black candy melts for the interior of the mouth and white nerds “popping candy” for teeth, purple lips and pipe cleaner leaves completed the look. For the Eye of Newt I used baking store eyes and created twisted blue eyelashes created with candy melts, the eyes were completed using mini baking cup papers under the eye.

The Addams Family Cake Pops - Cleopatra

The Addams Family Cake Pops - Eye of Newt

We based our cup cakes on Pugsley’s octopus, “Aristotle”. The tentacles were made 2 days in advance to allow the shape to set, remember to place a toothpick in the base of the tentacle when it is still soft..

The Addams Family Cup Cakes - Aristotle

We made two types of cookies for the party with small bottles of poison and tarantulas.

The Addams Family Poison Bottle sugar cookies

The Addams Family Tarantula sugar cookies

Layered Lurch’s jelly cups were created for the party with cake toppers from our printable range

The Addams Family Party Lurch’s Jelly

Two green punches adorned our table, one for the adults and one for the kids.

The Addams Family Adult Punch

The Addams Family Childrens Punch

Simple blue martini’s were made for the adults, the glasses were topped with black sugar.

The Addams Family Party - Morticia Matrini

Gomez was rarely seen without a cigar in hand so we included some chocolate covered wafers in one of my favourite serving bowls and you can find some original photos on line which look grate in frames for your party.

The Addams Family, Gomez’s Cigars

The Addams Family, Use old images as Photos

We created a range of free printables for this party including various tent cards, mini bunting, room signs, cake pop boarders and oval images that we used to make this party come to life. Please use these links for full downloads.

The Addams Family Free Printables -

The Addams Family, Morticia, Wednesday and Ophelia

This party was a lot of fun to both create and host. You can collect a lot of quirky pieces from thrift shops and markets to help create this look.

We look forward to your comments.

Enjoy Julie

Zombie Apocalypse Party

Our Zombie Apocalypse party was set in a post apocalypse cafe filled with lots of tables, preserved foods and some pretty durable kitchen equipment.  

We created a game based on a skill exchange for food rather than money, a set of printables have been created for this game and are a free download.

This party complemented our Walking Dead Party and our Post Apocalypse Canapes. 

Enjoy Julie

Zombie Apocalypse Cafe

We created a number of small tables each with a table number, candle, flowers and salt and pepper.  

Zombie Apocalypse Table Setting

Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Warning

We used vintage gingham table cloths and a mix of old furniture which is what I imagine would occur in a post apocalypse world.  Zombie warning signs were positioned around the room.

Zombie Apocalypse Cafe with canned foods

This theme requires some lead time to collect lots of cans and large jars for cereals etc. 

Zombie Party Cafe

Zombie Party Cafe Counter

Our wait staff were using bloody aprons and we used some nice bats in the window.  The restaurant had a counter where you arranged your table and form or payment.

Zombie Apocalypse Party Food

Zombie Apocalypse Party Food

Sticking to our apocalypse theme we used a lot of very durable plates and cups, including tupperware and we did include some gruesome food, as it is halloween.

Zombie Party - Post Apocalypse Cafe 

Stone scene setter's were used on the wall and we added a Zombie baricaded at the window.  The television displayed a nice welcoming open fire.

Post Apocalypse Cafe

Post Apocalypse Cafe

Zombie Apocalypse Printables

The cafe was a good way to keep all the children busy.  We created a set of printables for this game that are available as a free download

Enjoy Julie

Download: Cafe Sign, Cafe Menu, Cafe table numbers or Cafe agreed payment

Zombie Party With Dessert Table

This party was a lot of fun to create.  Zombie's are currently very on trend with more than a few Zombie Apocalypse  movies and television shows available.  For our zombie party we created a zombie dessert table using a graveyard theme with tombstones and a grave digger.  This party includes free printable products so you can create this at home.

Enjoy Julie

Zombie Party Dessert Table

The dessert table was created as a zombie graveyard.  We used a plastic rock wall scene setter as the back drop.  We then added a black graveyard fence, tombstones and skulls.  Our stand out piece was our animated zombie grave digger complete with shovel.

zombie graveyard cupcakes

Zombie cake pops

Catering was keep simple but looked fantastic with graveyard cupcakes, eyeball and zombie cake pops, tombstone cookies and layered jelly cups.

Zombie cake pops

Eyeball cake pops

We made two types of cake pops. We made crazy green Zombies with bulging eyes and eyeball cake pops which we served with a fork.

Graveyard Cupcakes

graveyard and coffin cookies

The cupcakes were very effective, yet easy to make.  I made a basic chocolate cupcakes then iced with chocolate icing.  The tombstones were achieved by finding the right shape biscuit and giving them a generous chocolate coating, the ground was crushed chocolate ripple biscuits and a green plastic hand completed the look.  We included sugar cookies in tombstone and coffin shapes.  

Zombie Dessert Table

Zombie Dessert Table

The stone wall extended to the ceiling creating a formidable look for a graveyard

Graveyard with swarming bats

Zombie party dessert table

Graveyard with haunted Tree

To extend the graveyard look we extended the stone wall and created a cemetery using the same fencing and tombstones as the dessert table, this was completed with swarming bats and large spiders.  The front door was guarded by a creepy zombie and a haunted tree completed the look.

Zombie party dessert table

Zombie and eyeball cakepops

The colour palate of green and blue worked well with the grey stone and injected some colour into a dark palate.

Zombie party free printables

We created a small set of dessert table printable products for this party, these are available as a free down load (Download 1) - (Download 2).  

If you liked this Zombie party please see our Walking Dead party with a post apocolyspe cafe.

We hope you enjoyed our party 

Enjoy Julie






Owl Baby Shower Cup Cakes with Free Owl Printables

This week one of our favourite teachers left us to move into the special phase of motherhood and while we will miss her dearly we wish her all the best.  To celebrate this special occasion the class held a farewell party with some cute owl cup cakes.  

Given we do not know the sex of this baby we created half pink and half blue.  To celebrate this special occasions we are offering our owl cup cake toppers as a free download.


Owl Baby Shower Cup Cakes

Owl Baby Shower - Baby Girl

Owl Baby Shower - Baby Boy

Free Baby Shower Owl Printables

Halloween Cranberry Punch - Love Potion Punch

One bowl of punch is never enough for a large halloween party, so this year we had three.  One alcoholic and two non alcoholic for the children.

A super nice punch was our Cranberry punch which we served as non-alcoholic but a shot or two of Vodka would work a treat with this punch.

For this party we created a set of free downloadable halloween punch tents so you can create the look at home. You can catch the entire party here.

Enjoy Julie



  • 1 part cranberry Juice
  • 1 part Ginger Ale
  • 1 part Lemonade
  • 1 or 2 sliced lemons


  1. For this punch you have to work out the capacity of your punch bowl, then simply divide by 3 to work out your quantities.
  2. Ensure all ingredients are well chilled ahead of time.
  3. Pour all ingredients into your punch bowl, stir and add the lemon slices.
  4. Enjoy

Halloween Punch - Tipsy Witch - Free Printables

Halloween is perfect for a large bowl of punch or two.  This year our Halloween theme was a Hansel and Gretel Witch party so a tipsy witch punch was definitely in order.  

For this party we created a set of free downloadable halloween punch tents so you can create the look at home.  You can catch the full party here

This was absolutely delicious, but not for the children.

Enjoy  Julie

Halloween Punch - Tipsy Witch



  • 1 bottle of Malibu Rum
  • 1 bottle Blue curacao
  • 500ml Lemon Juice
  • 2 bottles Pineapple soft drink 


  1. Ensure all ingredients are well chilled
  2. Mix the Malibu, Blue Curacao and lemon juice in a punch bowl.
  3. Top up with pineapple soft drink, 1 or 2 bottles will be required depending on the capacity of your punch bowl.
  4. Serve and Enjoy




Halloween Adult Witch Party Hansel and Gretel

Finally the first day of October, and the start of Halloween season.  

Who says Halloween is just for children, luckily for me I have a number of adult friends who share my enthusiasm for dressing up and partying at Halloween.  This year we had a Witch Party with a  Hansel and Gretel theme, and while I did allow the dessert table to be child friendly the rest of the house was very dark and defiantly post the Hansel and Gretel Candy House.

The centre piece for this party was a Witch House in the woods and we will  post a tutorial on how to create this over the next couple of days.

This was a dark theme but perfect for an adult halloween party, we have created free printables for you to use and enjoy.

Enjoy Julie.  

Halloween Hansel and Gretel Witch Party

The House and Forest were the centre piece for this party, we then strategically surrounded the house with Champagne glasses, Glass Punch Bowls and Witch food.

Halloween Hansel and Gretel Witch party

Our Champagne glasses were all individually named with famous or should I say infamous Witches and Wizards these circles are included in our free download. 

Halloween Witch and Wizard drink tags

We used a lot of candles to create height for the forest, we also used lollipops to frame the pathway to the Witch's house.

Halloween Witch Party centrepiece

We created three punches for this party, the punch bowls were arranged together with bones, links to the recipes will be posted over the next few days with our free printable punch tents.

Halloween Punch Bowls with bones

My Halloween parties normally have vodka jelly shots and this night was no exception

Halloween Vodka Jelly Shots

The house looked great in the dark, it was full of battery tea lights which emitted an eerie glow through the windows.

Halloween Hansel and Gretel Candy House

We served Witch fingers at the party, these are simple packaged Italian Breadsticks with an almond sliver for a finger nail and green food gel to hold the almond.  I tend to use Silver ware and Crystal for food service at Halloween rather than disposable products.

Halloween Witch Fingers

We served a number of simple dips presented in crystal bowls on a silver tray scattered with bones and mice.  The bones were from halloween necklaces.

Halloween Witch Party Food Ideas

We included some wasabi peas, Olive mix and Japanese Oisji peanut crackers.

Halloween Witch Party food ideas

A selection of cheeses were included with cheese circles from out free printable range.

Halloween Witch Party Food Ideas

We made three punch's for this party, the recipes are included on our blog in the Halloween section

Halloween Witch Party Punch

Halloween Witch Party Punch

Halloween Witch Party Punch

Our free printable include Witch and Wizard circles, Cheese platter tents and circles, Vodka shots tents and Picks and Punch tents

Halloween Witch party free printable

Christmas Table traditional Gold and White Design

This year I've created a traditional Gold and White Christmas Table.  This colour combination delivers  a very sophisicated look but also lets you inject fun elements for the children.  To create this look start with a good quality white table cloth and then add design elements in various hues of gold and different heights and sizes.

This year we created free printable blank name place tents and napkin wraps, they are available for download here.


Christmas Table Gold and White design

The place settings have been created using gold chargers and gold cutlery, I've added gold bon bon's in a couple of patterns and a wonderful vintage gold christmas ornaments.

Christmas place setting, gold and white design

The larger elements on the Christmas table have been semetrically set to provide a more traditional look to the table.  Candle sticks, deers and mini gold Christmas trees grace each end with a wonderful tall gold christmas tree as a centre piece.

Christmas Table, traditional gold and white design

Once the larger elements are in place, use tinsel and a good combination of smaller gold christmas ornaments to add texture and interest to the table.  I've included gold glitter  battery tea lights running through the centre of the table, these look wonderful as evening approaches.

Christmas Table, Gold and White design

To complement our Gold and White Christmas Table we've created printable blank name tents and napkin rings as a free download.  

Christmas Gold and White free printables

Use small gold baubles and wire wine glass circles to decorate your stem ware. 

Christmas Table Gold and White design

I really like the use of deers at Christmas time and you will usually find one of two on my Christmas table.

Christmas table - Gold and White design

Run gold beaded string around the table in continuous loops to link in the place settings.

Christmas Table - Traditional Gold and White

Traditional Gold and White Christmas Table

Extend the gold string to all four corners and connect gold baubles.  I've used the same bauble placed at each dinner setting.

Traditional Gold and White Christmas Table

Traditional Gold and White Christmas table

The sideboard is also very gold and white.  I placed lots of gold baubles in a cake dome which has provided a lot if interest on the sideboard.

Christmas Gold and White Sideboard

Christmas cake dome with bauble decorations

Christmas Table Gold and White Design

Free Halloween Printables

To recognise another Halloween season I'm offering Free Halloween Printables.  I used these Printables for a Halloween Graveyard Party.  The full party will be on our blog within the week. 

The Free Halloween Printable Set includes:

  • 2 inch circles in 12 designs 
  • Toxic Jelly Shots tent and coffin shaped jelly toppers
  • Cheese tent and Cheese 2 inch circle Toppers (some blank)
  • Champagne and Blank tents

These Free Printables look great and add just enough colour to a dark Halloween Table. Just download, print, cut and use as you like.


Halloween Free Printable Set

Hard to go past Vodka Jelly shots at Halloween, especially when topped with a toxic jelly printable

Free Printables - Toxic Shot Tent and Jelly Toppers

Add some colour to a Halloween cheese platter 

Free Printables - Cheese Platter

Use the 2 inch circles to make glass tags.  Great for Halloween.

Free Printables - Champagne Glass tags

Australia Day Games for Children

Following on from yesterdays Australia Day post, today I have three wonderful games for Children of all ages.  This year I've created a series of games focusing on our wonderful Australian Animals, these games are great to keep children of all ages occupied while learning some new facts on some of our favourite native friends.

The games include:

The above links will download the files, but keep reading for game instructions.


Scavenger Hunt for Australian Animals

The highlight of many of my children's parties is the scavenger hunt, and I'm sure it will work equally well for Australia Day.

For this hunt I've created 27 cards for each child to find.  Nine cards have pictures of Australian animals, nine cards have facts about a specific Australian animal and nine cards have the regular name and the scientific name for each Australian animal.  Once a child has found all 27 cards they have to group the cards so the picture, name and facts are all together for each animal.

If you have younger children I'd just use the picture cards or you could place children in a group.

Scoring: The winner of the game should be the first to collect all cards and correctly match the picture, name and facts.

Hint: If you are having trouble with the fact cards, the Animal picture, fact card and name are in the same position on each sheet.

Australian Animal Scavenger Hunt Picture cards

Australian Animal Scavenger Hunt Picture cards

Australian Animals Scavenger Hunt Fact Cards

Australian Animals Scavenger Hunt Fact Cards

Australian Animal Scavenger Hunt Name cards

Australian Animal Scavenger Hunt Name cards

To make this game simply download the file, using the link above, cut around each card and then hide the cards around your house or garden.  I use a mixture of tapeing cards to skewers and placing at ground level, or using string to tie from trees and even blu-Tack to fix to harder items.  

Note: I have printed the cards on 200 gsm Bond paper, but normal printer paper will work.

Australian Animal Scavenger Hunt

Australian Animal Scavenger Hunt

Australian Animal Word Search

This classic word search does not require any explanation, this puzzle if full of Australian Animals to find.  It could be a bit tricky for younger children, so you may want to reduce some of the words.

Scoring: If you would like to add a competitive edge to this game you could award prizes for the first to finish, or count the most number of words found within a specified time period. 

Australian Animal Word Search

Australian Animal Word Search

Australian Coat of Arms - Word Maker Game

We are all used to seeing the proud Kangaroo and Emu that grace the Australian coat of arms, but how many words can you make from such fine Australian Animals.  I’ve included the scientific name of each animal as Kangaroo are Emu are really tough words to work with and the scientific names have an amazing amount of letters. 

 To even out this challenge I allow younger children to make words from one letter eg: A and I.  As the ages increase set a minimum of 3 and / or 4 letter words for the older children.

Make sure you place either a time limit or the first to an agreed number of words.

 Scoring:  You could take two approaches for scoring.   You can either use the raw count of words, or the raw count of unique words.  For example if more than one person found the word menu then points do not count. 

Australian Coat of Arms - Make a Word

Australian Coat of Arms - Make a Word


While not necessary, I do find that children like a prize at the end.  This time of you you can find a lot of Australian products at good prices at supermarkets or discount stores, these make great prizes.