halloween dessert table

Halloween Witch Party - Hansel and Gretel Party with dessert table

This year we created a Hansel and Gretel Halloween theme.  This party consumed a large part of the house with a full dessert table, working Witch's kitchen and a darker adult take on Hansel and Gretel.  

For this post we focus on the dessert table where we used elements of Hansel and Gretel first finding the Candy House through to the nastier side of the Witch.  We created a set of printable products to accompany the dessert table, these are available from our shop.

This theme was a lot of fun we hope you enjoy.    


Halloween Hansel and Gretel Dessert Table

Our dessert table used a simple crushed velvet table cloth.  On the wall we added a large spooky cardboard cut out tree with a witch peeking around the side.  Some large spiders were then added to the wall.

Halloween Hansel and Gretel Dessert table

The cupcakes represented the Witch's candy house.  We used a small violet crumble's for the house and licorise all sorts for the roof and door.  The house was decorated with tiny trees and candy canes from a christmas sprinkle range.

Halloween Hansel and Gretel Cupcakes

I find layered coloured jelly is always popular with the children, we made the jelly in spooky cups and topped with toppers from our Hansel and Gretel printable range

Halloween with party jelly cups

For cookies we used a witch boot and shoe, we decorated these quite simply with gold and silver couscous balls.

Halloween Witch boot cookies

Halloween Witch Cat Cookies

Colourful candy is a must for this theme, we used small crystal bowls and lots of shapes and colour.

Halloween Hansel and Gretel

Toffee apples are also great for a halloween Witch theme, we used black chopstick and decorated using mini bunting from our printable range.

Halloween Toffee Apples

The cup cakes did take some time to assemble but used simple techniques.

Halloween Witch Cupcakes

LED Lanterns are a great way to add colour and height to a table

Halloween Witch Party

Our printable range includes:  Mini bunting, bottle labels, jelly toppers, 2 inch circles and tents

Halloween Hansel and Gretel Printables

I must give my husband credit for jack O'lantern carving, he found a wonderful spooky witch stencil which worked a treat.

Halloween Witch Jack O'Lantern

Please see our shop for full details of our Hansel and Gretel Printable products.

Hansel and Gretel Printable Products

Hansel and Gretel Printable Products

Halloween Dessert Table

Halloween is always a great time of the year, this year our Halloween Dessert table had some wonderful Halloween ideas including Cauldron, Pumpkin and Eyeball cake pops, some wonderful Witch Hats and Bat cookies, pumpkin cup cakes and small jelly shots.

We decorated the table using a wonderful haunted house and some simple purple lanterns.  The printables used for the Halloween Dessert table were created by Chic Party Ideas and will soon be available in our shop.


Halloween Dessert Table

To decorate the table I started with black crushed velvet and used a wonderful haunted house that I found as Cosco.  I added purple lanterns and some spooky old style picture whose faces changed from sweet to scary.

Halloween Dessert Table

I created a lot of cake pops using Cauldrons, pumpkins and eyeballs.  I places these in individual cauldrons  for display, this looked really effective and I will soon post a tutorial on how to make the cauldron stands.

Halloween Cake Pops

I used small skulls for jelly shots (child friendly) and placed a couple of sour snakes in each.  Topped with a Jellified grave worm topper they added bursts of colour to the table.

Halloween Jelly Shots

Halloween cookies are a must for a Halloween Dessert table.  I made simple Witch Hat and Bat Cookies, with a simple decoration that was easy to make.

Halloween Witch hat Cookies

Halloween Bat Cookies

You have to have Cup Cakes on a dessert table, I made simple vanilla cup dates and decorated with orange fondant icing and using a pumpkin template to chatter black sprinkles. 

Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes

Halloween dessert table ideas

Our printable package includes mini bunting, great for straws

Halloween mini bunting are great for decorating straws

Halloween mini bunting are great for decorating straws

I served the Cake Pops in mini cauldrons and included halloween mini bunting around the cake pop stick

Halloween Cake Pops

Halloween Cake Pops

Halloween Cake Pops

The must have halloween Jack O Lantern, this is always my husbands task at Halloween and I'm sure this is sponge bob. 

Jack O Lantern - Spongebob 

Jack O Lantern - Spongebob 

My witch's and ghost stood guard of the dessert table and that concludes another halloween Party.

Halloween witches and Ghost