Halloween Graveyard adult party

Halloween Graveyard Party

Who said Halloween is just for the children?  This Halloween Graveyard was definitely created with the adults in mind.  It was a dark and eerie scene, perfect for a late evening post trick and treating party.

For this party I transformed my Dining table into a miniature graveyard including well defined graves and tombstones, skeletons raising from the graves and lots of bones.  As it was later in the evening it was a Champagne and Cheese affair served on crystal dishes which had been embellished with bones and skulls.  I've created a tutorial for the graveyard which will be posted shortly.

I'm also offering the Halloween Printables used in this Party as a free download.  I'd love to see how you have used them for your Halloween Party.

If you want to create something a bit different this Halloween, the Graveyard worked wonderfully.


Halloween Graveyard - Adults Party

The actual graveyard was just over half the length and width of the table, allowing space for Champagne glasses and serving plates.  I used black crushed Velvet as a table cloth and a pair of tall vintage candle sticks gave height to the table.

Halloween Graveyard

I used cobwebs to join the candlesticks and both candlesticks had a combination of spiders and skeletons crawling to the top.

Halloween Graveyard 

Halloween Graveyard 

I positioned some skeletons outside the Graveyard with some spiders who were all trying to escape.

Halloween Graveyard

Given the table was quite dark, I used a number of glitter spiders which added some colour and sparkle

Halloween Candle with glitter Spider

While this party was wonderful in candlelight, it was very hard to capture the detail in photography, so at this point the lights are turned on to show some detail.

At the front of the graveyard I had skeletons standing up on the graves and positioned to jump the fence.

Halloween Graveyard  - The skeleton's have raised from the grave

The graves and pathways were created using different coloured small stones.

Halloween Graveyard - Glitter Skelletons

I loved the concept of the skeletons escaping the graveyard and the spiders leaving with them.

Halloween Graveyard - The Skeletons are escaping

It appears that some our our skeletons decided to stay for some adult fun rather than leave the graveyard. I used a number of different skeleton poses to add interest to the table.

Halloween Graveyard Table - Naughty Skeletons

I dissected a number of skeletons and used the bones, I also used the bones from Halloween necklaces and bracelets.

Halloween Graveyard - use dissected skeletons and small jewelry bones to decorate the graveyard 

For this party I wanted the dishs to hide in the background, so I used vintage glass and crystal bowls and decorated them with different bones and skulls, mostly from Halloween jewelerry which was dissected for the occasion.  I used small amounts of Blu Tack to hold the bones in place and this worked really well.

Halloween crystal and bone serving bowls

Halloween Bowl with Skulls

Halloween Bowls with bone decorations

Hard to go past Vodka Jelly Shots for Halloween.  These printables looked great to add some colour and are free to download.

Halloween Vodka Jelly Shots and Free Printables

We only required simple catering with this party, some lovely cheese and biscuits with printables were perfect. 

Halloween Cheese Platter 

Our free printables include 2 inch circles that I used as Champagne Glass names

Halloween Champagne or wine glass names

Try standing some tall bread sticks amount smaller crackers. 

Halloween Crackers

A simple bowl of Olives with Skull decorations always comes in handy.

Halloween Olive bowl