Halloween Adult Hansel and Gretel Party

Halloween Adult Witch Party Hansel and Gretel

Finally the first day of October, and the start of Halloween season.  

Who says Halloween is just for children, luckily for me I have a number of adult friends who share my enthusiasm for dressing up and partying at Halloween.  This year we had a Witch Party with a  Hansel and Gretel theme, and while I did allow the dessert table to be child friendly the rest of the house was very dark and defiantly post the Hansel and Gretel Candy House.

The centre piece for this party was a Witch House in the woods and we will  post a tutorial on how to create this over the next couple of days.

This was a dark theme but perfect for an adult halloween party, we have created free printables for you to use and enjoy.

Enjoy Julie.  

Halloween Hansel and Gretel Witch Party

The House and Forest were the centre piece for this party, we then strategically surrounded the house with Champagne glasses, Glass Punch Bowls and Witch food.

Halloween Hansel and Gretel Witch party

Our Champagne glasses were all individually named with famous or should I say infamous Witches and Wizards these circles are included in our free download. 

Halloween Witch and Wizard drink tags

We used a lot of candles to create height for the forest, we also used lollipops to frame the pathway to the Witch's house.

Halloween Witch Party centrepiece

We created three punches for this party, the punch bowls were arranged together with bones, links to the recipes will be posted over the next few days with our free printable punch tents.

Halloween Punch Bowls with bones

My Halloween parties normally have vodka jelly shots and this night was no exception

Halloween Vodka Jelly Shots

The house looked great in the dark, it was full of battery tea lights which emitted an eerie glow through the windows.

Halloween Hansel and Gretel Candy House

We served Witch fingers at the party, these are simple packaged Italian Breadsticks with an almond sliver for a finger nail and green food gel to hold the almond.  I tend to use Silver ware and Crystal for food service at Halloween rather than disposable products.

Halloween Witch Fingers

We served a number of simple dips presented in crystal bowls on a silver tray scattered with bones and mice.  The bones were from halloween necklaces.

Halloween Witch Party Food Ideas

We included some wasabi peas, Olive mix and Japanese Oisji peanut crackers.

Halloween Witch Party food ideas

A selection of cheeses were included with cheese circles from out free printable range.

Halloween Witch Party Food Ideas

We made three punch's for this party, the recipes are included on our blog in the Halloween section

Halloween Witch Party Punch

Halloween Witch Party Punch

Halloween Witch Party Punch

Our free printable include Witch and Wizard circles, Cheese platter tents and circles, Vodka shots tents and Picks and Punch tents

Halloween Witch party free printable