Bogan Bingo

Bogan Party (Bogan Bingo)

We recently attended a fantastic school fundraising event called Bogan Bingo.  Bogan Bingo is a night to dust off your '80s bogan clothes (or make a quick trip to an Op Shop), dance to some fab retro music, play Bingo, partake in air guitar, ping pong competitions and watch the all important crowning of the nights king and queen Bogan.

This was a really great night, we had a lot of Shazza's and Dazza's, Mullets, Ugg boots and visible underwear - a very classy event.

The event had self catering so we all got to test our bogan cooking skills.  After much thought and research I decided on a few dishes to grace our bogan table.

Starting at Dessert, any self respecting bogan could not resist a can of VB.  My VB cans were actually Chocolate Rum Ball mixture formed into the shape of beer cans.  I then used green fondant to cover the Rum Ball mixture added a VB with some white icing and used cachous balls to make the rim and ring pulls.

VB Can - Bogan Bingo

Another choice dish was good old cheese, Kabana and Savoy biscuits.  I had a retro pressed bamboo bowl for serving and some classy umbrella's to decorate.

Kabana, Cheese and Savoy's - Bogan Bingo

One of my favourite dishes was bogan canapés.  I used savoy biscuits and topped with cream cheese and slices of cherry tomato, I then added smoked oysters, cocktail pickle onions or slices of gherkin.  Topped with more umbrella's you have another classy dish.

Canapes of Cream Cheese, Tomato, Smoked Oysters, Pickles and Gerkin - Bogan Bingo

For some added extras for your bogan table try Nobby's nuts, classy stubby holders, plastic cockail glass animals, party poppers and a good bubble gum.  Remember to use classy serving bowls, you can easily collect retro wooden bowls at most op shops.

Table extra's - Bogan Bingo

If you do get a chance to get to one of these nights, they are really a lot of fun, so dust of your dancing shoes and find your inner Bogan.