Halloween Vampire Party Game - The Blood Donation Room

At Halloween parties I always have an area dedicated to "keeping the children amused" so the adults can enjoy a quite, or not so quite drink.  This year was a vampire theme so we created a Vampire Blood donation room.  This had children dressed in bloody white coats taking blood donations from a group of happy donors.  A small set of printable items have been developed for this game.

Enjoy  Julie

Halloween Vampire Game - The Blood Donation Room

The Blood Donation room had lots of small bottles of blood (coloured water), blood bags, bloody bandages, syringes, white coats, face masks and bandaids.  Finally we included a reclining chair for the victims.

Halloween Vampire Party Blood Room

Halloween Blood Bags

We used a very old dresser as the counter for our blood collections, and a large black candelabra to hold the blood bags, the blood bags are easy to find on-line.

Halloween Vampire Party Decorating ideas

The decorations included a mix of vintage pieces including silver, glassware and bottles and modern halloween props.

Vampire Party Games

Vampire Party Games - Blood Drawing

Our young victims patiently waited their turn before being subjected to the blood drawing.

Halloween Vampire Game

Halloween Vampire Game - Blood Types

We developed a small set of printable items for the party, the waiting room had a sign, queue number and small circles for blood types.  The blood drawing room had small cards for the blood drawers to complete.  We found some blood syringe pens on-line.  This printable set is available in our shop.

Halloween Vampire Party blood decorations

Halloween Vampire Party games

We collected a lot of small bottles for this party, they were filled with water and red food dye to look like very dark blood.

Halloween Vampire Party Syringes and bandaids

Halloween Vampire Party decorating ideas

Syringes are easy to find on line. We included some small tweases and lots of bandaids in a vintage silver and glass serving dish.  The dressing table had lots of small shelves that were decorated with a few modern halloween pieces.

This was a great game for a vampire party and many an adult ventured into the blood donation room to emerge with a few artfully applied bandaids.  You may also like our other Vampire Posts: Vampire Dessert Table and Gothic Vampire Party.

The printable items we used for this party are available from our shop.

Halloween Vampire Game Printable Set

Halloween Vampire Family