Halloween Indoor Graveyard

As evening descends and you light the pumpkin you know Halloween eve has commenced.

This year we created an eerie Halloween Indoor Graveyard with skeletons raising from the grave to scare our trick and treaters.  If you have a spare corner of the room this halloween, why not transform it into your own Halloween Indoor Graveyard.


Halloween Indoor Graveyard with Bride and Groom Skeletons 

The bride and Groom were hanging props, I managed to sit them up by placing a 1.25 litre bottle under their clothes, the bottle was well hidden but it allowed the props to sit.  The ground and back drop were created using a lot of black crushed velvet. 

Halloween Indoor Graveyard

I included a number of dark red flowers (artificial) both at the entry to the graveyard and around the bride and groom. 

Halloween Indoor Graveyard

While many of the tombstones had inbuilt lighting, I did place battery operated tea candles behind many of the tombstones to provide an eerie feeling.

Halloween Indoor Graveyard with Bride and Groom

A collection a small skulls were used to define the graveyard entrance.

Halloween Indoor Graveyard Entrance

Battery tea candles were placed at the bottom of the coffin to provide a low level of lighting.

Halloween Indoor Graveyard

The graveyard was filled with snakes, rats and mice and a couple of ravens looked on from high places.

Halloween Indoor Graveyard

I used shallow box's under the crushed velvet to define graves and simple gold chain to create a barrier to the graveyard.

Halloween Indoor Graveyaard

A couple of extra large spiders stood guard just outside the fence and I placed skulls on tall planter poles to create some height.

Halloween Indoor Graveyard

Halloween Indoor graveyard

Tips and Hints

  • Attach crushed vevlet to curtains using pegs.
  • Use battery tea candles to create eerie lighting
  • Place shallow box's under the crushed velvet to define the graves
  • Use 1.25 litre bottles (full) to make hanging props sit.
  • Embellish with spider web, spiders, rats, mice and Ravens