Halloween Graveyard Tutorial

This Halloween we created a tabletop Graveyard for our Party, this was a great party and the graveyard was a huge success.  To complement the party I've created a tutorial with lots of ideas so you can create your own graveyard at home.  This graveyard looked great in candlelight, select the link to see this Halloween Graveyard party in action. 

Materials Required:

  • Shallow cardboard box as a base, or art carvas
  • Back and white paint and brush
  • Duble sided tape
  • White and coloured stones (I used black green and purple)
  • Blu Tack
  • Skeletons (glitter and plain)
  • Halloween jewellery with bones and skulls
  • Small skulls
  • Halloween kits with fences, tombstones and monuments
  • Grim Reaper
  • Battery operated tea lights

This is not difficult to make but does take a few hours to complete.


Halloween Graveyard tutorial


I've included photo's of the materials used to construct the graveyard.  I found the tombstone kits at on-line party shops and the jewellery and skeletons at discount stores and supermarkets.

Coloured rocks - Halloween Graveyard Tutorial

Halloween Jewellery - Halloween Graveyard tutorial

Graveyard Fence and Tombstones

Halloween Jewellery - Halloween Graveyard Tutorial

Graveyard Monuments both Large and Small

Glitter Skeletons - Halloween Graveyard Tutorial

Step 1

Paint a path and circle for the monument in white paint (Make sure you check the size of the monument and pencil the shape).  Use black paint to cover the remainer of the box, including the sides.

Step 1 - Halloween Graveyard tutorial

Step 2

Using double sided tape, attach the fence the the edge of the box

Step 2 - Halloween Graveyard Tutorial

Step 3

Cover the path with small white stones, use a colour stone to create an edge to the path

Step Three - halloween Graveyard Tutorial

Step 4

Place the monument in the circle and surround with skulls.  Continue with the white and colour stones used on the path.  I placed battery operated tea lights inside the monument which looked great at night.

Step 4 - Halloween Graveyard Tutotial

Step 5

Mark out the graves and secure the Tombstones to the board using Blu Tack.  Use White stones with a colour border to mark the graves.

Step 5 - Halloween Graveyard Tutorial

Step 6

Place the skeletons on the graves using different poses.  I used a combination of standing, sitting and crawling.

Step 6 - Halloween Graveyard Tutorial

Step 7

Stand some Skeletons up at the front fence, rear and side fences.  Use Blu Tack to secure if required.

Step 7 - Halloween Graveyard Turotial

Step 8

I created two monuments either side of the path which I attached with Blu Tack.  I used a combination of rocks, skulls and bones at the base of the monument.  I also found a small Grim Reaper that I placed on the path.

Step 8 - Halloween Graveyard Tutorial

Step 9

I used more skulls to define the graveyard gate and placed another skeleton on the path trying to escape.

Step 9 - Halloween Graveyard Tutorial

Step 10

The final touches.  When the day arrives for you to move your Halloween Graveyard into place I added more skeletons and spiders on the table just outside the gate and added cobwebs to the fence.

This looked great with tall vintage candles either side of the graveyard with cobwebs linking them together.

Step 10 - Halloween Graveyard Tutorial