Flaschengeist Christmas Trees

Flaschengeist Christmas Tree

Flaschengeist Christmas Tree

I recently attended a Flaschengeist party, this was my first Flaschengeist party and I was really impressed with the quality of the products and the beautiful presentation.  

They have a wonderful range of liqueurs and oils in delightfully shaped bottles that you could keep for years.  I could not resist this pair of Christmas tree liqueurs in vivid red (Watermelon Vodka Liqueur) and green (Melon Liqueur).  

This pair would make a wonderful Christmas gift, or just perfect to keep.  Flaschengeist have an on-line shop but it was a lot of fun at the party, and more importantly you were able to sample the wonderful products. Enjoy.


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Flaschengeist - Watermelon Vodka Liqueur and Melon Liqueur