Flamingo Party

Flamingo Party with Dessert Table

How can you resit the urge to create a Flamingo Party!. Flamingo parties allow you to explode with colour and creativity, for this party we have created a Flamingo Dessert Table, a super cute Flamingo Birthday cake, Flamingo Party Favours and more.

We hope you enjoy, Julie

Flamingo Party Dessert Table

Our Dessert table included cup cakes, cookies, fruit skewers topped with watermelon flamingos and jelly cups.

Flamingo Party Dessert Table

We included cute flamingo cookies in two shades of pink and some palm trees cookies adding to the summer theme.

Flamingo Cookies

The fruit skewers had a base of green grapes and strawberries, they were finished with a watermelon flamingo pressed using a cookie cutter. We included simple cupcakes in pinks and blues and topped with flamingo toppers.

Flamingo fruit skewers

Flamingo cup cakes

Jelly cups were created in layered shades of red, we then placed two flamingo plastic skewers in each and topped with an umbrella.

Flamingo Jelly cups

Flamingo Birthday Cake

I really loved creating this cake, I found flamingo candles, perfect for a flamingo party and created a lake in a cake with blue gel, we used edible chocolate rocks to frame the lake and included some palm trees.

Flamingo Birthday Cake

Flamingo Party Decorating Ideas

We managed to repurpose some of our Hawaiian decorations for this theme while adding flamingos, flamingos were easy to find in both party and craft stores.

Flamingo Party Decorating Ideas

We kept the table bright and colourful using pinks and blues an lots of flowers

Flamingo Party table ideas

Helium balloons in brights colours graced the ceiling completing the theme

Flamingo Party decorating ideas

Bright blues and pinks worked well for this party

Flamingo party use pinks and blues to create the look

We created a photo booth using long tikis and scene setter beach view images. A flamingo foil balloon looked really special.

Flamingo Party Photo Booth

Flamingo Foil Balloon

Photo booth props included monkeys, flamingos and lots of beach style card cut outs.

Flamingo Party photo booth props

Flamingo Party Favours

We created two favours for this party, the first was small glass jars filled with different pink candies, the other was a flamingo gift pack with a flamingo pen, pink feathers and other gifts.

Flamingo Party Favours

Card flamingo circles and tags completed the look for our flamingo party favours.

Flamingo Party Favours - Pink Candy

Flamingo Party Favours Gift Box

This was a great theme and lots of fun was had by all, including the birthday girl.

Olivia’s Flamingo Party

Olivia’s Flamingo Party